Commitment to Professional Growth with TCTM

Your interest in micro-credentials reflects a commitment to improving as an equitable educator and fostering better learning outcomes for your students. This dedication to continuous professional development aligns with TCTM's mission to ensure quality public education for all students through empowered educators.  Members should click here to see the courses we currently offer!  

We currently offer the following courses: 

  • Engaging Families in Mathematics
  • Using the Concrete-Representational Abstract Approach in Grades 3-5
  • Using the C-R-A Model in High School Mathematics
  • Specially Designing Mathematics Instruction for Struggling Learners
  • How to Create Equitable Lesson Plans Using Generative  AI (Coming Soon!)
  • Engaging Students Beyond the Classroom (Coming Soon!)
  • Using the C-R-A Model for Grades K-2 (Coming Soon!)
  • Using the C-R-A Model for Grades 6-8 (Coming Soon!)

Understanding Micro-Credentials

Micro-credentials represent concise acknowledgments of competency and skills. TCTM aims to offer a diverse selection of micro-credentials specifically designed by educators for educators, with the opportunity for Professional Development Certificates at the completion of each course module. These micro-credentials serve as targeted tools for educators striving to enhance their teaching practices and increase student engagement.

Inclusive Access to Learning Opportunities

Recognizing the varying access levels to professional development among educators, TCTM micro-credentials aim to allow convenience for learning opportunities. These credentials cater to teachers and education support professionals alike, providing accessible avenues for continuous skill development throughout their careers.

How to Engage with TCTM Micro-Credentials

TCTM micro-credentials offer a flexible learning experience where educators can choose to work independently, taking advantage of the asynchronous nature of the courses, or join collaborative learning communities. While performance-based, this process also allows personalization - choosing a course based on your own interests or goals, gathering evidence of competence, submitting it through the UMU.com platform, and sharing achievements.

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